SVUnit a Game Changer for this FPGA Team

Received a very nice endorsement for SVUnit today from a new user doing FGPA development and running Modelsim…

Our company focuses on FPGAs.  SVUnit is a GAME CHANGER for FPGAs.  FPGAs are different from ASICs, in that bugs can be fixed while the product is in the field.  SVUnit is a lot less cumbersome than traditional verification.  This allows R&D to push a design into test sooner with similar confidence.

SVUnit advantages:

  • quick to setup
  • does not require expensive licenses
  • easy to test individual modules and therefore pin point bugs earlier in development, making the bugs less expensive

(Here’s something cool.  I am using the altera starter edition of modelsim under linux.  There is a lot of validation people can do without needing a license.)

Nice to hear comments like this. SVUnit is supposed to be clean and user friendly so it’s nice to add another happy user. If you’re ready for a game changing experience, the SVUnit Getting Started page is a good place to start.


PS: Out-of-the-box, SVUnit now supports Modelsim in addition to VCS, Incisive and Questa.

Beware of Progress

skullIf you’re a hardware developer, here’s a verilog coding exercise you should never, ever attempt.


No one in their right mind would try it; not even dare someone else to try it. The stakes are way too high and you can’t risk your precious time futzing away on some impossible coding exercise. That’s right: impossible. This coding exercise is like doing a 49×49 sudoku on a double black diamond on a 50ft wave at high noon in the middle of a desert that has lots of spiders and rabid skunks… blindfolded. Continue reading