Lessons Learned From the MiniTB AMBA IP Library

I’ve come to a checkpoint in the construction of the AMBA IP library that’s packaged with MiniTB. After some part-time development over the last couple months, I have read/write support for ABP and basic read/write support for AHB (you can see the full list of supported features here). These are open-source masters and slaves that I developed using MiniTB.

Next step is AXI, which I’ll start later today. But before I go there, I wanted to share some lessons learned… Continue reading

MiniTB AMBA IP Version 1

Today, I released a first version APB master BFM with MiniTB. This is the first in a few steps I’m hoping we take in the development of MiniTB. I’d like to provide a user-friendly platform for developers building SoCs with AMBA interconnect. APB was the simplest place to get started. Depending on interest, we’d move on to AHB and/or AXI IP as well. Continue reading