Agile2012 Round-up: Day 4

It’s day 4 and time for an abbreviated post. Today I made it to the first session in the morning, hung around in the open space to listen in on some post-talk discussion and met some friends for lunch to talk about some open-source development.

But the big news of the day was that the final votes were counted and the winner of the Agile2012 Conference Gold Star Award for Outstanding Accidental Contribution To The Field Of Hardware Verification… or repeat winner would be more accurate… is Elisabeth Hendrickson! She was the big winner last year and she did it again this year by spending another hour with me today showing me how to use cucumber to write acceptance tests. She’s also helped get me thinking about the possibilities for next year’s conference so congratulations (and thank you :)). Continue reading

Agile2012 Round-up: Day 1

It’s a big week for agile software developers with Agile2012 officially starting today in Dallas.

Last year, Agile2011 was 5 action packed days and it’s looking like more of the same for Agile2012! After a late flight in last night and a solid 4 hours sleep (I had a late start from Calgary and an extra hour layover in Denver so I didn’t get into my room until about 2:15am), we’re off to a great start with today’s sessions. Continue reading