Intel Agile and Lean Development Conference – Part 2

2013-04-17 18.19.43Great final day at the Intel Agile and Lean Development Conference. It started with a keynote talk by Jim Tremlett of Rally, I had morning talk and an afternoon talk and filled in the rest of the time with hallway discussion. As always happens to me during an agile conference week, I’m tired and my head hurts. That was compounded by me giving 2 talks in the same day which I’ve never done before. But I made it and now it’s time to crash. But first… Continue reading

Intel Agile and Lean Development Conference – Part 1

So pretend you’ve dedicated about 5 years to something you believe in… I mean really believe in. At the beginning it seems like you’re the only person in on it (or 1 of 2 in my case considering Bryan was the guy that gave me the first little push). It seems to make so much sense but you can’t figure out why others haven’t seen it already. Then slowly… very slowly… you see people pop out of the woodwork from around the world. At times you get the feeling there’s a community being built, and that you’re a part of it, but it’s still so early that it’s not entirely clear who’s in your little community or where it even exists. Sometimes you question whether it actually exists at all… but you keep plugging away because you believe in it.

Then you spend a week in Hillsboro and find out that there are hundreds of people working toward the exact same thing you are.

Surprise! The agile hardware community does in fact exist. It’s a relief to actually see it :). Continue reading