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Agile IC Development with Scrum

Originally presented at SNUG San Jose in 2010, Agile IC Development with Scrum:

  • introduces hardware developers to agile development
  • discusses the values of agile teams and how those values can be embraced in hardware development.
  • introduces Scrum as it is applied in software development and project management
  • makes recommendations for where hardware development teams can begin using agile development techniques.

Neil JohnsonBryan Morris

Watch Agile IC Development With Scrum – Part I >
Watch Agile IC Development With Scrum – Part II >

The SVUnit Demo Series

The SVUnit demo series is dedicated to bringing new SVUnit users online as quickly as possible. We start with the basics of obtaining and running SVUnit. We then slowly make our way forward, step-by-step, through more detailed demonstrations of how people can practice test-driven development of Systemverilog with SVUnit.

Watch SVUnit 101 for RTL >

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