2014-06-02 10.41.332014-07-31 15.23.282014-07-25 17.51.42The agile-codev-platform is a demonstration project to show the benefits of using TDD for both embedded software and RTL development. The project goes a few steps further than our other open-source projects in that it’ll be an actual hardware platform developed for the Zedboard.

The goal for the project is to take a functional prototype to the Agile2014 conference. We want to give people a chance to play around with it and experience agile embedded systems development for themselves. We figured taking it to the conference would be a good way to do that for starters.

Work is in progress but here is a consolidated list of blog posts that we’ve posted thus far:

The project is hosted on github at:

As well, here’s a link to the real-time doxygen documentation of the software. We’ll re-generate the documentation periodically to keep it up to date.


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