The idea to start AgileSoC.com was an idea that Bryan Morris and I had after a few long conversations at SNUG San Jose in 2009. The very first entry describes more on that and what we’ve done so far.

From there, The AgileSoC Blog just kind of happened one night while I was thinking about an alternative for posting informal content and ramblings. I imagined a running commentary on how we fuse ideas from agile software development with hardware development process. Informal, interactive and fun.

Several years later with more than 250 articles and counting, AgileSoC has become the starting point for people exploring agile hardware development and a reference for those practicing agile hardware development. We’re happy to be helping developers in all areas of hardware development succeed on their agile journey.

As we’ve been from the very beginning, we’re open to new ideas and discussion of any kind from anyone. Have an idea for agile hardware development? Want to share your experience? Or just want to get a hold of us? Here’s where to find us…

Neil Johnson – neil.johnson@agilesoc.com

Bryan Morris – bryan.morris@agilesoc.com


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  1. I have successfully used the Agile methodology in hardware development for several years and until now I thought I was alone. I used it for system level development on military programs and the benefits were reduced development time, early detection of issues, reduced engineering changes in production, improved team collaboration and improved customer relations (customer participated in scrum meetings). It is not a one size fits all but used appropriately it can benefit the development team greatly.

    1. David:

      Thanks… It’s always good to hear real-world experiences — both the positive and negative as we learn from either.

      I definitely agree with your “It is not a one-size fits all…” as I apply these techniques there are many factors to consider: state of current process; team experience & willingness; management interest & buy-in, etc., etc.

      Thanks again.

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