SVUnit History

SVUnit: In The Beginning…

At SNUG San Jose 2009, Bryan Morris presented a paper called SVUnit: Bringing Agile Methods into Functional Verification. The objective of the paper was to propose a unit test framework that hardware developers could use in test-driven development (TDD). The unit test framework was called SVUnit of which an initial version was created with the paper that included scripting, verilog code and examples that hardware developers could use and follow.

TDD Month And The Reintroduction Of SVUnit

While it was interesting and widely applicable, the SVUnit paper, code and examples sat collecting dust until we declared Nov2011 TDD month on The goal of TDD month was to reintroduce the practice of TDD to hardware developers and propose SVUnit as a practical way forward.

Our TDD month posts are a great introduction for hardware developers – especially design and verification engineers – interested in TDD with SVUnit:

SVUnit: An Open Source Framework For TDD With Systemverilog

As TDD month – or TDD months to be more accurate – came to an end, SVUnit was on its way to being released as an open source project so that anyone interested could use it and/or participate in its development. That’s happened. SVUnit is officially an open source project maintained by Neil Johnson and Bryan Morris, usable for anyone wanting to write defect-free Systemverilog code.

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