39% of Your Verification Budget Goes to What???

I used to drive a piece of garbage green 2000 Civic sedan. It sipped gas, was super reliable on the days it would start, and it didn’t matter how I abused it because it was already as bad as a driveable car could get. It was perfect for a guy like me who couldn’t care less about the vehicle he drove.

In November last year we bought a trailer. We needed a vehicle to pull it so I cashed in the crap-mobile (that’s what my kids called it) for a $50 tax receipt and upgraded to a 2004 4Runner. Somewhat unexpectedly, I’ve turned into a “truck guy” in the 9 months since and my dream vehicle has become a new 4Runner TRD PRO.

A 2017 Toyota 4Runner costs $44,440; that’s the TRD PRO model with the roof rack and alloy wheel options. Because my aversion to spending money is stronger than my love for dream vehicles, I’ve decided I can’t afford that. But I’d still like to drive one so I have to find a way other than paying for one myself. I think I found it… Continue reading