Best of 2013

We can’t leave 2013 without a ‘best of’ summary. Here’s the most read 2013 posts for 2013…

Why Agile Will Never Work in Hardware: Of course. This makes complete sense. A post with all the reasons why agile can’t work in hardware was the most popular new entry of 2013.

Time to Blow-up UVM: In this post, I propose an alternative direction to that of UVM; a verification framework with a radical opt-in approach. We’re talking a real platform with (truly) independent pieces as opposed to the hyper-integrated UVM.

Planning to Fail in Hardware Development: This was the first of several posts with analysis of hardware development planning practices based on the 2012 survey I did with Catherine Louis. Lots of interest data here for those who missed it. Worth a look.

You’re Either With Me Or You’re With: The UVM Sequencer: OK… so I tend to pick on UVM a bit. Here’s a post where I talk about some of the unnecessary complexity of UVM sequencer.

How Do Verification Engineers Waste 2 Hours, 52 Minutes, 48 Seconds a Day?: Rounding out the top 5 is analysis of the Mentor Graphics verification survey. (Hint: it has to do with debugging garbage code).

Honorable mention goes to the most read reigning champion of all time (by a mile): Emacs, org-mode, Kanban, Pomodoro… Oh my…. That’s Bryan. He’s an Emacs guys. Please… someone needs to post an entry on kanban with VIM already ;).

Thanks for a successful 2013! Hope we’ll see you back in 2014 for more!


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