Unit Testing on Youtube, Cadence.com and DVCon

Started my day with some encouraging observations that I wanted to share…

First, Victor Lyuboslavsky has posted a couple of youtube videos where he covers some of the basics of unit testing and SVUnit. These are good beginner videos that show how easy it is to get started with SVUnit by kicking the tires on www.edaplayground.com. You can find the videos on youtube. When you’re done with the videos, you can carry on with this online SVUnit tutorial.

Next, an interesting bit of news for fans of unit testing that use Specman, in Victor’s introductory video he mentions Cadence has added unit test capabilities to Specman appropriately named eUnit. You can see more in their Testing the Testbench webinar that was posted last week. I haven’t seen the video yet (having problems logging into the site) so I’ve seen none of the details. Regardless, it’s encouraging to see one of the big 3 pushing unit testing with a new test framework. (I’ll post a follow-up once I’ve seen the webinar).

Lastly… and yes, it may be a little early for this but I’ll throw it out there anyway… on the DVCon2014 program site I see a paper entitled Applying Test-Driven Development Methods To Design Verification Software In UVM-e from Doug Gibson and Michael Kontz of HP. If you’re planning to take in DVCon, be sure to add that talk to your list.

Happy Monday ;).


2 thoughts on “Unit Testing on Youtube, Cadence.com and DVCon

  1. I wrote the original eUnit inside Intel in 2011. I lobbied Cadence heavily to add native capability, but we didn’t have an agreement in place where they could leverage my source. Curious to see what they implemented.

    1. That’s interesting, Matt. I swapped email with a fellow at Cadence that said they’d seen a few customers brew their own version of this so they decided to offer their own to help people along. I watched the video webinar this morning and posted a review at: http://wp.me/p1GmTc-13o. If you built a version in the past, you’d probably find the video interesting. The framework is about what I’d expect but the mocking they’ve built in looks especially good.


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