Last Day @ SVUnit

At first I thought this would be sad. Then I wasn’t sad. Now I am a bit sad… but happy. Also excited. After waffling for about a year, I’ve finally decided to pass the SVUnit torch. Tudor Timisescu will replace me as lead developer.

Looking back, the time I put into developing and supporting SVUnit was the best career move I’ve made. Easily. By about a mile. The friends I’ve made throughout the industry, many of the clients I worked with as a consultant and the job I have now were all made possible by working on SVUnit; the Wednesday nights I put in at the coffee shop down the hill cranking out code, examples, presentations and blog posts through a steady stream of Pantera, System of a Down and Metallica. Funny how a laptop and loud music became my peace and quiet the way it did. But it did. And it lasted about 7 and a half years; from before the v0.1 release on Nov 22, 2011 when I took the hand-off from Bryan Morris right up to mid-summer 2018. It was mid-2018 when I found myself mentally winding down from the development and support; still a user but I’d lost a bit of the motivation for helping SVUnit roll forward.

Sadness comes from walking away. But the excitement comes from the fact Tudor is moving in with a lot of the motivation I had in the early days – probably more, really. He’s been a long time user who I’ve heard from and chatted with since Dec 2, 2013. He’s got a lot of good ideas for how the framework can evolve and the gumption to make it happen, not only with SVUnit but also with SVMock.

So finally. After a year in the making, please welcome Tudor Timisescu! To everyone who’s used, supported and/or advocated for SVUnit the last 9 years, please join me in continuing to use, support and/or advocate with Tudor at the helm! Follow him on his blog for more.