The Tool That Was And Wasn’t

Glenn and his wife Libby love spending time in their backyard garden. It’s their warm weather obsession, stretching fence to fence to fence.

This was a good year for the garden with perfect growing conditions through the summer months. Libby had the back half overflowing with onions, squash, beets, carrots, a sprawling pumpkin vine and several hills of potatoes. Beanstalk wound its way up a long wooden trellis on the left, peas climbed another to the right. For Glenn, closer to the house, it was all about radishes. Glenn loves radishes. He plants rows and rows of them every year. He spends his days with his radishes. Fresh out of the ground, Glenn can’t get enough of them.

Glenn and Libby were tending their garden on a sunny Monday afternoon when a man in a golf shirt and khakis came bounding through their yard. The man’s eyes lit up upon seeing Glenn in the midst of his radishes. He leapt right up to Glenn, introduced himself with a firm handshake and started preaching the benefits of a new gardening tool called a tiblosherater. He claimed it would thoroughly revolutionize the way people tiblosherate radishes. Continue reading