Are You Using SVUnit?

svunit-tagFor me, 2016 starts with new work on SVUnit

  • I’ll be doing a little work on the library itself, adding some new UVM support and updated scripting
  • I’ve got an article in the works for testing UVM checkers with SVUnit
  • A bigger job is polishing off an hour long unit testing training module (I’m hoping I get through that by the end of January so it’s done and posted before DVCon)
  • I’m thinking of doing another real-time Q&A/discussion with SVUnit users

Given the last couple bullets on my todo list, I’m hoping there are a few people out there that will help me out…

One thing is that I’d like to be able to include a couple SVUnit endorsements in my training module. Ideally, from a team of people that are using SVUnit as part of their design/verification flow. If this is you and you have something good to say about SVUnit that’d encourage other teams to take a look, I’d sincerely appreciate it. I have one endorsement already. It’d fantastic if I could find a couple more.

Second is finding people that would participate in another SVUnit Q&A/discussion. I feel like SVUnit is ready for a next step. I’m not entirely sure what that should be though so it’d be nice to hear people’s thoughts.

(For some background, I did my first a couple years back with about a half dozen people that were either dabbling in or using SVUnit. My simple goals at that time were to collect ideas for improving SVUnit and to bring users together to swap usage stories or tips for how to introduce SVUnit to their respective teams. I think it was useful for everyone on the call. I certainly got some good information. The big thing was to hear about the selling points and advantages of SVUnit that I hadn’t considered. Speed for one, which I knew was an advantage considering SVUnit is a very lightweight framework, but people pointed out that I was underestimating how important fast runtimes were to users.)

So if you’re on a team using SVUnit and you can help me out with an endorsement and/or you’d like to participate in a group discussion with a few other users, I’m hoping you’ll reach out (no ETA on the discussion… it’ll happen when it happens).

Email is Thanks a bunch.

And happy 2016!


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