UVM-UTest File-a-Bug Challenge at SNUG

Time for another UVM challenge…

So I’ve got SNUG coming up next week. I already posted a help wanted sign for hecklers that may want to hurl insults at me from 10:30 to 12 on Tuesday morning. That’s when I’ll be up on stage talking about UVM-UTest and how UVM makes the case for unit testing. Aside from the talk and the paper, I’ve also been pondering other ways to get the point across that unit testing is an effective way to verify hardware. I’ve been having trouble thinking of something appropriate… until tonight… I think… I hope…

I just posted a new example on EDAPlayground.com called the UVM-UTest File-a-Bug Challenge. What I’ve done is pulled out a few failing tests from the UVM-UTest test suite where each failing test corresponds to a bug we filed against the UVM base class library. The challenge is to see if you can run our tests to spot the same defects. Each test has a hint that points you to a line in the src/base/uvm_misc.sv file as well as the mantis issue # that you can use to find the answer in the Accellera database. You can try it on your own or challenge a buddy to see who can get through the list first. Like everything on EDAPlayground.com, all you need is a browser. That means if you’re reading this, you have what you need to take the challenge!

NOTE: The first test is extra special because we used it to discover an unintentionally long loop that takes a while to complete. There’s bonus points for anyone that can run the tests and find the bug before they finish (I’d say at least 3 bonus points, maybe 4). I bet you can’t do it :).

I’ll have the UVM-UTest File-a-Bug Challenge with me at SNUG. If you’re at the conference and want the guided tour, just watch for the tall bald guy sporting a shaggy beard. That’ll probably be me. I’d be happy to walk you through it.


2 thoughts on “UVM-UTest File-a-Bug Challenge at SNUG

    1. If you’re here for the challenge and you find a new UVM bug with SVUnit, you win the big prize. I don’t know what the big prize is, but it is big!


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