Survey: Project Planning in Hardware and Embedded Systems Development

If you’re currently working in hardware and/or embedded systems development, we’d appreciate your participation in the following survey:

Project Planning in Hardware And Embedded Systems Development Survey

Are people in the hardware and embedded systems communities confident that their approach to project planning gives them a reasonable chance of success? We don’t know… but we’d like to.

We want you to know, too.

The survey is designed to measure confidence in the project planning approaches we use in hardware and embedded systems development. It is two pages of multiple choice questions covering tendencies in project planning and demographics. The survey takes roughly 5 minutes to complete and data is collected anonymously. Data and analysis will be published and freely/publicly available at the conclusion of the survey. The survey is being conducted by in partnership by me, Neil Johnson, and Catherine Louis of CLL-Group, LLC.

Project Planning in Hardware And Embedded Systems Development Survey

We’d also appreciate people’s efforts in spreading the word. Please help us by posting a link to the survey or to this page on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, your company intranet and/or anywhere else you go to share news and information with colleagues.

Thanks very much for your participation and thanks for helping make this survey a success!

For more information, you can contact me at


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